KP der Slowakei (KSS) kritisiert Thesen der EU-Linkspartei

31.10.2005, 18:57

Beitrag von: RedAktion

Die KP der Slowakei (KSS) distanziert sich von den Thesen der EU - Linkspartei, bleibt aber weiterhin Beobachterin in dieser Vereinigung. Vor allem kritisiert sie an der ELP das Fehlen des Sozialismus als strategischem Ziel der Arbeiterbewegung: "Ist es wirklich notwendig, dem Beispiel der Sozialdemokratie zu folgen und die zentralen Begriffe aufzugeben, welche die Identitšt der wirklichen Linken von Anfang an formen?"

The Statement of KSS to the Political Theses for the 1st Congress of European Left (October 21,2005)

Friday, 21 October 2005

Communist Party of Slovakia (KSS) respects the basic values that are expressed in the Political Theses of European Left Party. It is creditable that European Left continues in the role of the key fighter for peaceful a real democratic Europe which is not going to serve the neoliberal model and which is going to face adequately to the challenges of globalization. As well as European Left Party, KSS deeply realizes the necessity of defending the social securities of the citizens and the necessity of facing the eliminating of welfare state in Europe. Naturally, it is our most immediate task to defend the rights of employees and to develop own concept of more social model of Europe.

On the contrary, Communist Party of Slovakia considers the political theses of European Left Party only the minimalist program that, unfortunately, does not put to the question to strategically express our fundamental goal, i.e. socialism. This term can be criticized for its vagueness and generality. It can be objected for the luck of political concreteness. However, we cannot stop shaping of the identity of the communist movement with this term.

As we know, in the recent past, the Social Democracy cast aside the vision of socialism and explicitly left its Marxist roots. Hence, it was only the question of time when the Social Democracy will conform to the new trends and when it will end in the embrace of neoliberal model. That is clear today, that Social Democracy definitely lost its own original face and its massive political shift to the right-wing direction is the evident fact of the European political scene. Now we are putting the question: Is it really necessary to follow this example of Social Democrats and to give up the key terms which shape the identity of the real Left since the beginning? From the other side: Isn´t rather needy to develop our Marxist inheritance and always, in each relevant political document to emphasize our identity connected with the building the socialism as the alternative to capitalism?

By Communist Party of Slovakia, the Political Theses of EL are too much dedicated to the reformed rhetoric and they are leaving the fundamental direction connected with the identity of Left parties. Instead of the developing the Marxism there is only one short link to Karl Marx in the document and furthermore it is in the connection with his early conception of alienated work. Communist Party of Slovakia fully accepts the need for advancing and developing the Marxist theory in direction of facing the new challenges of the present time. KSS respects neo-Marxist ideas and also the ideas of the modern alternative left. However, KSS appeal also for continuity. Namely, we cannot ignore everything what happened in the workers and communist movement since the half of 19th century. If the result of the almost two hundreds years struggle against capitalism is the situation, when the European Left as the most radical left subject in common European political scene offers only the cosmetic transformation of capitalism and not even in perspective is stated the socialist Europe as its goal, then the situation in left movement should be put in question. If the goal of the European Left is the developing of capitalism with the human (or more human) face, then the communist idea is loosing its raison d´Ítre.

Even if the political theses of EL are considered as the actual document which should express only the modus vivendi in the left European movement, we have to emphasize, that the communist parties should defend its identity and fundamental direction. We should not uncritically take the directory of liberalism. Unfortunately, the political theses of European Left Party are in many aspects not even as radical as the American liberals in their egalitarian theories. KSS points out the fact, that neo-Marxism doesn´t mean the giving up the Marxism but the creative developing of Marxism.

The present globalistic era pushes all the political subjects for the changes. However, the Christian Parties don´t give up their Christianity, the Nationalistic Parties don´t give up the value of Nation and the Liberal Parties don´t give up the liberalization. Why should the Left Parties give up the key idea and the political vision? Why the vision of socialism is not offered as the alpha and omega of our direction? If we give up the basal theoretical means of our movement, we can very easily ends as the ignored Left part of the Social Democracy which will use us for its purposes. KSS is convicted that EL considers its future in different concept. KSS believes that EL wants to offer real alternative. Even though the concrete form of this alternative is maybe unknown yet, we know its name – Socialism.

If someone considers the link to Socialism in present time the utopian and unreal, he/she should consider the realness of the political requirements expressed in Political Theses of EL in connection with the constellation of political powers in Europe today. Socialism must stay our basic value as well as the struggle for the replacement (and not modification) of capitalism. Every document should remember this message.

In this context, Communist Party of Slovakia doesn´t speak about the Socialism as the historical experience. We cannot be blamed as nostalgic. On the contrary, we speak about the prescriptive terminology. Without these prescriptive values the Left will sublime in the right-wing rhetoric and in the political impotence. If we want to offer the alternatives, we cannot be afraid of everything and withdraw forever. If the current political situation is not appropriate for the fulfillment of our vision, that cannot mean to throw it away. Socialism must stay the goal of the European Left Party though the vague sense of this term. Marxist inheritance cannot be ignored and we should emphasize it more. The key message of European Left with which KSS wants to and will cooperate should be the attempt for the replacing of the unjust capitalist production system by the social just society. We can change Europe, but not with the shaken legs. If we want to change something, we should have the clear strategic goal! Communist Party of Slovakia appeals for socialist Europe!

However, Communist Party of Slovakia doesn´t doubt about the progressive character of European Left Party and it is prepared to cooperate very actively with EL as well as with both the EL member and observer parties. Anyway, because of the remarks which were stated also in this statement, Communist Party of Slovakia will for the present time stay in the status of observer party.

On behalf of Communist Party of Slovakia,
The vice-chairman of Central Committee of KSS

The Head of the International Department of KSS